Animal Shelters

Livestock enthusiasts will really appreciate ourAnimal Shelters

Animal Shelters With Tack Room

Animal Shelters are a great solution for your livestocks shelter needs.

Our Animal Shelters can serve as a horse, calving, lambing or kidding barn. Quality hardwood white oak plank lined loafing area adds to the durability and protection to the inside of this shelter. A 90″ loafing area opening allows you room to easily create and remove sheltered pens when needed.

Animal Shelters Open
With And Without 6′ Wide Equipment, Feed, Or Tack Room

Equipment, feed, and tack are essential too!

Create this area room by including a 6′ wide room to organize and store all of your equipment, feed, and tack in. A 3′ single key locking door is great for loading and unloading all of your storage area. This area does not add length to your building, but insures you a way to keep your essentials dry and close by when needed.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you purchased a 14′ x 32′ Animal Shelter your opening for animals would be 26′. You would have 14′ x 26′ of shelter and a 6′ area for storage.
90" Loafing Area Opening3' Key Locking Tack Room Door
No Floor In Loafing AreaFloor In Tack Room
Loafing Area Lined w/Hardwood White Oak Plank
Grave Pad

A Level Gravel Pad On All Buildings 12' x 20' And Largerrecommended

Metal/Wood SizeCall For Price
10 x 12660-947-4391
10 x 16Call For Price
10 x 20660-947-4391
10 x 24Call For Price
12 x 16660-947-4391
12 x 20Call For Price
12 x 24660-947-4391
12 x 28Call For Price
14 x 20660-947-4391
14 x 24Call For Price
14 x 28660-947-4391
14 x 32Call For Price
Prices Subject To Change

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