Cottage Barns

FOR ECONOMICAL STORAGECottage Barns Are What You Need!

Cottage Barns

Cottage Barns Come In 18 Different Sizes For Your Multipurpose Storage Needs!

MidWest Storage Barns Economical Storage

Cottage Barns barn have straight walls and a gable roof allowing you ample room to clean out that store room, garage, or basement.

Add Frills To Our No Frills Building

Add aluminum windows ($98.00 each) or add a Skylight Ridge ($5.00 per foot) for light for your Cottage Barns. Give your building a two-tone look by adding wainscoting (Additional 5%) to the bottom of your building. Easily store your lawn equipment by adding a 4′ x 6′ Barn Ramp for driving your equipment in and out.

7' 6" Sidewalls w/Gable Roof3/4" Flooring
2 x 4 Floor Joists On 16" Centers 2 x 4 Framed Double Doors
Ring Shank Nails All Exposed Material Pressure Treated
Key Locking Doors(2) 3' Doors (6' Opening total)
Treated 4" x 6" Skids Studs 2' On Center
Premium Grade Lumber Used For ConstructionHeavy Duty Truss Plates For Construction
Grave Pad

A Level Gravel Pad On All Buildings 12' x 20' And Largerrecommended

Metal/Wood SizeCall For Price
9 x 10660-947-4391
9 x 12Call For Price
9 x 14660-947-4391
9 x 16Call For Price
9 x 20660-947-4391
12 x 14Call For Price
12 x 16660-947-4391
12 x 20Call For Price
12 x 24660-947-4391
12 x 28Call For Price
12 x 32660-947-4391
12 x 36Call For Price
14 x 20660-947-4391
14 x 24Call For Price
14 x 28660-947-4391
14 x 32Call For Price
14 x 36660-947-4391
14 x 40Call For Price
14 x 42660-947-4391
15 x 20Call For Price
15 x 24660-947-4391
15 x 28Call For Price
15 x 32660-947-4391
15 x 36Call For Price
15 x 40660-947-4391
15 x 42Call For Price
Prices Subject To Change

Customization Easy – Ask Us!

MidWest Storage Barn Buildings

For All Your Storage Needs

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